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STANDARD LOGO - 3 design concepts / 3 revisions
This budget option includes simple custom professional logo designs in RGB (digital) and CMYK (print) color modes. OR enhancements to your business’s existing logo. A consultation will determine if your requested logo qualifies for basic. Complex designs will not qualify.
Version: Full-Color, White or Dark Outline/Box/Circle
Formats: JPEG, PNG, EPS, PDF


PREMIUM LOGO - 3 design concepts/4 revisions
Perfect for businesses looking to stand-out from the crowd with skillful branding designs and file formats for every need in RGB (digital) and CMYK (print) color modes. Also includes logo style sheet
Versions: Full-Color, White or Dark Outline/Box/Circle, B/W, Symbol Only (If Applicable), Word only (If Applicable)


DELUXE LOGO PACKAGE - 4 design concepts/up to 6 revisions + Multiple/Alternate versions
This luxury package is perfect for companies looking to compete on a high tier, needing the deluxe logo package for diverse marketing needs. Includes RGB (digital) and CMYK (print) color modes for various versions of your logo. I.e. You will get a Premium logo + Insignia in multiple layouts and colors. (The number and style of the alternate versions included will be based on the design chosen by the client). Also includes logo style sheet and logo look-book.
Versions: Full-Color, Outlines, B/W, Color/Layout Variations for each logo variation created


Logo Design

PriceFrom $140.00

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